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Rajasthan High Court recommended life imprisonment for cow slaughter and urged the Centre to make cow India's national animal.​ Justice Sharma, while speaking to media, said cow is pious like peacock as the national bird does not have sex to reproduce.​ Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma. “Peacock is a Bramhachari and it does not have sex with a peahen. The peahen gets pregnant drinking the tears of the peacock. Even Lord.

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By Mizahn - 22:27
“The peacock is a lifelong Bhramachari (celibate). He never has sex with the peahen. The peahen pecks on the tears of the peacock to get.
By Meztijora - 09:01
A baby peafowl is called a peachick. While sexual characteristics in peafowl are famously distinct, considering the peacock's extravagant tail, these.
By Fek - 19:29
No. What you heard is not true. No bird mates by consuming teardrops! Peacock being an animal of the aves class mates through the ''cloacal kiss''.
By Jukazahn - 20:22 › science › may › a-peacocks-tail-how-darwi.
By Yokora - 06:16
How Darwin developed the radical idea of females' power to choose their mates despite it being at odds with his own notions of women as.

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