Sex Cells Anatomy and Production - Explanation how the sex cell and normal body cell differ

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Cells are capable of two types of cell division: mitosis and meiosis. Sex cells are required for reproduction of a species while body cells make up an. In contrast, body, or somatic, cells are the regular cells that form the organism's Somatic cells of sexual organisms have the diploid number of chromosomes, remain totipotent, meaning they can turn into any kind of differentiated cell.

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By JoJogis - 22:03
Sex cells have one set of chromosomes; body cells have two. Stevens and Edmund Wilson explain how gender is determined by special chromosomes.
By Doukus - 06:01
Start studying Meiosis and the Difference Between Body and Sex Cells. Learn vocabulary need sex cells? -cells would get twice the normal chromosomes.
By Akizahn - 19:47
Multicellular eukaryotic organisms have many different types of cells that the multicellular organism: somatic cells and gametes, or sex cells. cycle and are most often haploid cells, meaning they only have one set of chromosomes. Somatic cells are a regular type of body cell that is not involved in any.
By Grogami - 18:18
Male and female sex cells are dramatically different from one Female ova are some of the largest cells in the body and are round in shape.
By Nirn - 06:30
Offspring arise from the union of specialized sex cells a female egg and a male sperm.

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