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The deceptive Activist Brian Martin Häftad. Eleanor Jennifer Connelly is the bad one who manipulates Jacey's attraction to her to break out of her constrained, cookie-cutter lifestyle. Joanna Going is effectively delicate in appearance as the weak daughter, while Jennifer Connelly plays the mischievous daughter very well. His bumbling yet sensitive manner complements her down-to-earth innocence perfectly. Fri frakt inom Sverige för privatpersoner. Their romance is sincere and simply cannot be broken by the transgressions of Crudup's character. Uprooting War Brian Martin.

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Alice Joanna Going is the good daughter who listens to her father, even when he forces an unhappy marriage on her.

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Holt College

The youngest of the two Holt brothers, Doug gets caught up in his brother Jacey's obsession to gain control over the rich and beautiful daughters of the affluent Lloyd Abbott, the town millionaire played by Will Patton Fled, The Client. The deceptive Activist Brian Martin Häftad. Fler böcker av Brian Martin. Jacey Holt, played with brute rage by Billy Crudup Sleepersblames his family's poverty on an unresolved matter regarding a product patent owned by Lloyd Abbott which Jacey believes is rightfully his late father's, and in revenge he seeks to infiltrate the Abbott family through the daughters. The interactions are effective, the tensions are high, and the ending is heartwarming.

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